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Falling off the wagon, and getting back on!

If you checked out my nilgai chili recipe yesterday, you read that the last month or so has NOT been my best, as far as fitness and food choices go. The first weekend of May, I went to New Orleans to celebrate with a friend for her bachelorette party. You can read that as:  awesome and plentiful cajun food, Cafe du Monde beignets, dinner and baked Alaska for dessert Antoine’s Restaurant, and of course, lots of alcohol on Bourbon Street.

Red beans and rice with alligator sausage, beignets at Cafe Du Monde, and filet de au vin blanc at Antoine's Restaurant!
Red beans and rice with alligator sausage, beignets at Cafe Du Monde, and filet de au vin blanc at Antoine’s Restaurant!

It was a TON of fun. I had never been to NOLA, so it was worth the experience, and I let loose and really enjoyed myself as far as eating and drinking are concerned. (One of the other girls asked if I wanted to split a plate of beignets. Negative, ghostrider.)

One of the highlights? At Antoine’s, one of the grand dame restaurants of New Orleans, we ran into Michael Rooker! My son would say “the blue guy from Guardians of the Galaxy,” but to me he will always be Merle Dixon! (Yes, we are huge Walking Dead fans.)  I have to say, he was incredibly nice, took a selfie and a few more pictures for us, and then came our table again later in the night and chatted for a moment. Celebrity encounter 10/10. Obligatory picture or it didn’t happen:

He was so nice! Very friendly, especially considering I could barely talk from nerves!
He was so nice! Very friendly, especially considering I could barely talk from nerves!

The following week was spent in last minute preparation for the wedding, and then the rehearsal dinner Friday night… with wonderful, catered Mexican food. Then, there was the wedding day, and since we were so busy, eating meant grabbing whatever was handy and quick… so when dinner rolled around, I was starving! The amount of dancing I did definitely didn’t offset the cocktails, sliders, and cake, but my husband and I had a blast, my friend’s wedding was gorgeous, and all-in-all the whole week was worth it.

I even got my husband in a suit for this shindig. Of course he ditched the jacket ASAP.
I even got my husband in a suit for this shindig. Of course he ditched the jacket ASAP.

Of course, in between all these festivities, we are also in the thick of Aiden’s baseball season and the last month of school, which frequently means dinners on the go! Eating dinner at 5:15 works sometimes if we have a late game, but usually my son only wants to snack before he plays. My husband helps coach his team, so even if we do eat an early dinner, they’re starving by the time we’re done! They don’t want to wait on me to cook when we get back to the house, so much more often than not, we’re grabbing cheeseburgers and heading home.

And finally, Aiden’s birthday is also in the middle of May! With our family’s hectic schedules to work with, too, that meant multiple celebrations spread out over the weeks. We had this cute snowball birthday “cake” to celebrate with my father-in-law…

Snowball cake for one of Aiden's many birthday celebrations.
Snowball cake for one of Aiden’s many birthday celebrations.

For his party, a very talented friend of mine whipped up this fantastic R2-D2 cake! It tasted even better than it looked, and it looked pretty darn awesome. The boys loved it. Rice krispie treat arms and legs, and strawberry and vanilla cake. Delicious.

Seriously, isn't this awesome?!?
Seriously, isn’t this awesome?!?

So, basically, I’ve been stuffing my face with amazing food, and using my 2,500 calorie “cheat day” entry in MyFitnessPal WAY too many times ever since that trip to New Orleans. But, my husband and I have had lots of “us” time, and we’ve had lots of fun with our boys. Busy lives mean lots of memories!

After our dinner out for Aiden's actual birthday, which fell during the week this year.
After our dinner out for Aiden’s actual birthday, which fell during the week this year.

On top of the bad food choices (though, to be honest, they were mostly DELICIOUS choices), our insane schedule has meant that our previously regimented workout schedule has fallen by the wayside, too. We’ve gotten up at 5am on a few days to do strength training in the garage, since evenings are out due to baseball… and we’ve snuck out late sometimes to go jog after dinner, which invariably means the baby falls asleep in his stroller, and his early bedtime wreaks havoc on our schedule the next day.

Safe to say:  I have fallen off the wagon. Actually, I jumped off and ran away and tried to pretend there wasn’t a wagon at all.

Sadly, and expectedly, the scale has reflected that, and after my month of debauchery I’m back up to a solid 139 lbs, after reaching my lowest weight ever of 132. I know, logically, that a lot of this is water weight and two pounds or so will drop off quickly once I return to healthy food choices, but still. 7 lbs in a month! Fun stuff. Hey, at least I’m still weighing! (Even if I’m not logging it on MyFitnessPal. For shame, I know.)

What’s the bright side, you may ask? How am I staying cheerful and optimistic while staring down at the rising number on the scale?

I know EXACTLY how to fix it! (Counting calories and eating at a deficit:  it works!) I’m headed right back to strict (but not perfectly perfect, because what’s perfect anyway?) calorie counting. My daily goal is set for 1,500. With a sedentary TDEE of 1,690, that’s a small deficit, but with our workout schedule getting back to normal this week as our schedule evens back out, weight loss should come at a nice, steady rate of 1 lb per week. Enough to see results, but not so much that I’m feeling miserable and hungry all the time! If my workout performance suffers, I may up it to 1600, but for the first two weeks I’m going to stick to a strict 1,500, with at least 100g of protein each day.

What will our workout schedule look like, you ask? Cardio 3x a week (light–working our way back up to jogging 5k, right now only about 3k each workout, plus some walking), and strength training (picking back up the StrongLifts 5×5 program) 3x a week. With our baseball season still going for the next few weeks, sometimes we will have a strength and cardio session on the same day, but typically we will try to keep it to one or the other per day.

So, wish us luck as we get back into the swing of things! Falling off the wagon made for a fun month, but we’ve flagged it down and we’re climbing back on. Look for updates! I’m excited to share my results with you.

My back-to-the-old-grind "self portrait in the lavatory." At my mom's house. Ha!
My back-to-the-old-grind “self portrait in the lavatory.” At my mom’s house. Ha!

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